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MRA Announces New Website!
Posted On: March 28, 2010


We have great news to announce! We have completely redesigned the MRA website.  Some of the many improvements you will find at include:

  • Online Registration - You will be able to complete your registration and pay online using your credit card.
  • Scores - Current scores will be available on the website along with past scores and awards, all organized to make them easy to access, download, or review.
  • Improved Communications - Sailors will find that both the website and email communications can provide information about racing, race results and events. 
  • Resources - Missing a day of racing? Report a "bye day" online.  Need a crew or looking for a boat to sail on? Use the "crew finder" feature. The new website makes it easy for you to work with the MRA and the sailing community.
  • Downloads - You will be able to quickly access and download the MRA Race Schedule, Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, Race Area Chart and more.
  • Message Boards - MRA members will be able to find crew, talk about racing or give us feedback. The message boards will provide Marblehead sailors with a place to communicate.
  • Photos - Professional pictures donated from photographers such as Leighton O'Connor will be featured on the site along with pictures submitted by other sources, both amateur and professional.
  • FAQs and More -Finally - one place to go to find answers to your most common questions about the MRA and racing in Marblehead. Check in on the latest News and Events to stay on top of what is happening on the water.

Get ready to add the new MRA website to your list of favorites!