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 Download a printable copy of the 2014 Spring One Design Regatta Sailing Instructions  

MRA Spring One Design Regatta

May 24-25, 2014

Organizing Authority Marblehead Racing Association

Host Club Eastern Yacht Club

Special Addendum to MRA Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

  1. Introduction: All of the provisions (including amendments) of the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for the 2014 Season of the Marblehead Racing Association (MRA) will apply except as otherwise stated in this document.
  2. Eligibility:  This series is open to any boat registered with MRA for the 2014 season. 

  3. Notices to Competitors:  Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located in the hallway near the trophy room of CYC.  Notices may also be posted at http://www.mheadrace.org.

  4. Schedule and Racing Area:  All classes will race in the Midway Line area or closer to MRA Mark 18, Marblehead Channel Bell.  The first Warning signal will be no earlier than 12:30 EDT. One race will constitute a series.

              Day 1    Sat. May 24   Host Club CYC  
              High Tide   0815   Low Tide   1418           

              Day 2    Sun. May 25  Host Club CYC  
              High Tide   0915   Low Tide  1514

  1. Signals Made Ashore:  Signals (as defined by MRA #5) will be displayed from the yardarm of CYC.

  2. Signal Boat: The race committee might need to use an unusual signal boat (not Pegasus, Alberg, or ETO).  If so, it will have a white board to simulate the course posting rack, it will have sound signals other than guns, and it will be identified by a blue race committee flag.

  3. Courses and Marks:  Courses will be as provided by MRA for Midway Line.  Marks will normally be ORANGE tetrahedrons, EXCEPT that GREEN tetrahedrons will be used when MRA #10.3, #10.6, #10.7, or #11.4 applies.

  4. Protests:  As in MRA #17 but with all filings and hearings at CYC.

  5. Radio Communication:  VHF Channel 78 will be used for recalls (MRA #13), emergency reports from contestants (MRA #21.1) and courtesy broadcasts (MRA #21.2).

  6. Prizes:  Day prizes will be given in accordance with MRA #22 on each day.  First prize for the series will be awarded to the winner in each class; additional series prizes will be awarded, depending on the average number of starters for all races completed.