Spring One Design Regatta Sailing Instructions

Download a printable copy of the 20## Spring One Design Regatta Sailing Instructions

MRA Spring One Design Regatta

May 24-25, 20##

Organizing Authority Marblehead Racing Association

Host Club Eastern Yacht Club

Special Addendum to MRA Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

  1. Introduction: All of the provisions (including amendments) of the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for the 20## Season of the Marblehead Racing Association (MRA) will apply except as otherwise stated in this document.
  2. Eligibility: This series is open to any boat registered with MRA for the 20## season.

  3. Notices to Competitors: Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located in the hallway near the trophy room of CYC. Notices may also be posted at http://www.mheadrace.org.

  4. Schedule and Racing Area: All classes will race in the Midway Line area or closer to MRA Mark 18, Marblehead Channel Bell. The first Warning signal will be no earlier than 12:30 EDT. One race will constitute a series.

Day 1 Sat. May 2# Host Club CYC
High Tide 0815 Low Tide 1418

Day 2 Sun. May 2# Host Club CYC
High Tide 0915 Low Tide 1514

  1. Signals Made Ashore: Signals (as defined by MRA #5) will be displayed from the yardarm of CYC.

  2. Signal Boat: The race committee might need to use an unusual signal boat (not Pegasus, Alberg, or ETO). If so, it will have a white board to simulate the course posting rack, it will have sound signals other than guns, and it will be identified by a blue race committee flag.

  3. Courses and Marks: Courses will be as provided by MRA for Midway Line. Marks will normally be ORANGE tetrahedrons, EXCEPT that GREEN tetrahedrons will be used when MRA #10.3, #10.6, #10.7, or #11.4 applies.

  4. Protests: As in MRA #17 but with all filings and hearings at CYC.

  5. Radio Communication: VHF Channel 78 will be used for recalls (MRA #13), emergency reports from contestants (MRA #21.1) and courtesy broadcasts (MRA #21.2).

  6. Prizes: Day prizes will be given in accordance with MRA #22 on each day. First prize for the series will be awarded to the winner in each class; additional series prizes will be awarded, depending on the average number of starters for all races completed.