Marblehead Sailing Guidelines

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Harbormaster's Quarters Harbormaster
Marblehead Sailing Guidelines Proposal

1. All sailing events scheduled will be allowed to move forward with activities.
2. Sailing events will include Tournaments, Competitions, Regattas and friendly sporting races.
3. Every event must designate a safety officer logging all participants and be held responsible for all social guidelines.
4. Safety officer will take temperatures prior to entering grounds/facility and be documented. If racers are not using facility the attached document will be required by the captain. Any failed health check must be reported to local health official.
5. Masks must be worn on facility grounds. This includes docks, gangways and transport vessels.
6. Congregation of participants will not be allowed pre and post event at facility or in rafting situations.
7. Crew members will be responsible on board for proper hygiene and best practiced social health.
8. Any violation of Guidelines set by this document will result in immediate termination of event and possible events moving forward.

These guidelines supersede current state guidelines and are subject to review at any time.

Safe Sailing

Mark Souza,
Marblehead Harbormaster