Sailing Instructions - Amendment #1

Marblehead Racing Association
to the

Under 1 RULES - Replace 1.3 entirely with the following:
'From the MRA web site (under RACING & RESULTS) download a form entitled ‘COVID Release'. The skipper shall be responsible for filling out this form completely and retain it on their boat while racing.'

Under 1 RULES – Add the following:
'1.6 If a Class intends to use a designated sail configuration (e.g. no spinnakers) the Fleet Rep or a designee shall sail by the Signal boat before the Fleet's warning signal and inform the race committee. The race committee will then make an oral announcement changing the sailing instructions for that class.'

Under 3 CHANGES TO SAILING INSTRUCTIONS - Add the following:
'The Race Committee may make oral changes to the sailing instructions on the water by identifying the class it applies to and broadcasting instructions over VHF before that class warning signal.'

Issued by: Marblehead Racing Association
On: July 16, 2020