Racing & Results

The Racing Season

Both one-design and PHRF racing is scheduled every weekend from May through September each year. The season consists of short series that are scored individually, and then the total scores are combined for the overall season championships.

Many other special events, as well as regional, national, and world-level regattas occur throughout the summer. For full schedule details, please refer to the MRA Schedule.


Daily - A yacht club logo glass is awarded to the winner of each MRA race in each fleet of two or more starters, during regular MRA series races. After racing is completed for the day, glasses may be picked up at the front desk of the sponsor yacht club (please refer to the MRA Schedule).

Series and Season - Prizes will be awarded to the winner of each class. Additional series and season prizes will be awarded depending on the average number of starters for all races completed.

Perpetual - Trophies are awarded, where merited, and are based on criteria that are specific to each perpetual trophy. For a list of MRA perpetual trophies and past winners, please see the Perpetual Awards page.

At the conclusion of the racing season, series and seasonal awards are distributed during the end of season awards banquet. The date, time and location of this event can be found in the annual MRA schedule.