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I am a: Crew looking to sail
Name: Andrew Burton
Phone: 4435456019
Preferred Position: Jib trim
Preferred Fleet(s): PHRF
Sailing Experience or Comments: 27 year old male, 5 years experience racing on Tartan 27 primarily as jib trimmer, part of North Point Sailing Association in Baltimore, MD. Looking to be consistent crew for weeknight evening races.
Posted: 2021-02-25 at 15:37:52
I am a: Owner/Skipper looking for crew
Name: timmy
Phone: 781-248-3836
Preferred Position: foredeck, jib/spin trim
Preferred Fleet(s): R19
Sailing Experience or Comments: Need to have racing experience and be able to sail on a regular basis (Saturdays).
Posted: 2021-01-26 at 19:41:02
I am a: Crew looking to sail
Name: Logan Walsh
Phone: 9787740575
Preferred Position: Open
Preferred Fleet(s): Open
Sailing Experience or Comments: Most of my experience is cruising with a bit of racing. Right now I'm best positioned somewhere where I can be put to the best use. I'm very willing to learn and do as told - Respect, camaraderie, and a winning spirit are important for me. Thanks!
Posted: 2021-01-05 at 21:07:43