Questions and Answers

What is MRA?
The Marblehead Racing Association (MRA) was established in 1969 by the Boston, Corinthian and Eastern Yacht Clubs to coordinate and foster One Design Racing in the Marblehead area. Its goals are to encourage the development of competitive racing skills at all levels in both one-design and PHRF fleets, to promote good sportsmanship both on and off the water, and to ensure the highest levels of competence in race management. For more information, please see the About MRA page.

Who is MRA?
The Marblehead Racing Association (MRA) is managed by representatives from the Boston, Corinthian and Eastern Yacht Clubs of Marblehead. For a complete list of MRA representatives, please see the MRA Committee page.

What types or classes of boats are raced?
The MRA hosts races and regattas for one design yachts. Last season the classes included: Etchells, IOD, J/105, J/70, Viper 640, Rhodes 19, Town Class, 420's, Lasers and Laser Radials.

My type/class of boat is not listed - can I race?
We do encourage new class participation in our program. A class must have five registered boats and at least two boats participating on any given race day to be given a start. If you would like to request that your fleet participate/race within the MRA, please contact us: scorer@mheadrace.org

How do I register to race?
You can use our easy on-line registration process.

Please note the registration deadline. There is a processing fee for late registrations.

Can I show up and race on an MRA day?
Non-registered boats may pay $20 online (up to 2 days per summer) to race on a given MRA day - Race Week excluded. After 2 days a boat must register for the full season price, which will include the late fee.

How do I register for Marblehead Race Week?
Your registration fee for Marblehead Race Week is included in the MRA registration fee. However, Sailing World manages Marblehead Race Week. You do need to fill out a separate registration form with Sailing World if you intend to participate in Race Week. Details can be found on the Sailing World web site.

What if I miss some race(s)?
Don't give up just because the score for DNC (did not compete) is at the bottom of the heap. Up to one-fifth of your races are discarded in series scoring, as explained specifically in the MRA Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions (NRSI). Thus, you may be able to throw out one or more DNC's and still be competitive, if you do well in the other races.

What awards are offered to racers?

There are daily, series, season and perpetual trophies.

Daily awards: A yacht club logo glass is awarded to the winner of each MRA race in each fleet of two or more starters, during regular MRA series races. After racing is completed for the day, glasses may be picked up at the front desk of the sponsor yacht club (please refer to the Schedule of Marblehead Racing).

Series Awards: For each of the MRA series a First Place Award will go to any fleet in which there were 5 or more registered boats. A Second Place Award will be presented to any fleet where there were 8 or more registered boats, and a Third Place Award will go to any fleet with 12 or more registered boats.

Season Awards: The First, Second, and Third Place Season Awards will match the breakdown for series prizes. In addition, a Fourth Place Season Award will be presented for fleets with more than 16 registered boats, and a Fifth Place Award will be presented for fleets with more than 20 registered boats.

Perpetual trophies: Perpetual trophies are awarded, where merited, annually and are based on criteria that are specific to each perpetual trophy. For a list of MRA perpetual trophies and past winners, please see the Perpetual Awards page.

Where do I pickup my series and/or season award(s)?
At the conclusion of the racing season, series and seasonal awards are distributed during the end of season awards banquet. The date, time and location of this event can be found in the annual MRA schedule.