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2013 MRA Registration Is Open!
Posted On: April 9, 2013

Dear MRA Members,

Welcome to the 2013 MRA season. Registration is now open for a full season of one design racing from May until September. The cost for this series has been increased by $10 per boat from last year but this still represents extremely good value as it continues to include the NOOD entry fee and the six racing series. The season kicks off with the Spring Series on the Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and finishes with the Fall Series in September - a total of 22 race days. 

Over the winter the MRA has made a number of changes in order to improve the experience of both race management and racers. Most notably we have set up a new online scoring system which will enable scores to be posted in an expedited manner.  As a part of the new scoring system, we have also updated our online registration process.  As always, please be sure to visit www.mheadrace.org to view the latest news, scores and event information. Some important links to information found on our Website:

In line with the new 2013-16 Rules of Sailing, the MRA has looked closely at the existing Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions (NORSI) and have made some changes to bring them up to date and consistent with the new US Sailing Rule Book. I would urge all competitors to read the new NORSIs carefully and understand them fully.

This year we welcome a new 12 boat J70 fleet that will join MRA racing on the Midway Line on a bi-weekly basis. Given the addition of another fleet, the MRA committee has looked closely at the management of this line. It has become clear that over the years, the Midway Line race circle has been pushed further and further out to sea, to the point that it usually has ended up outside of Halfway Rock, making it harder to reach the starting area on a light-air day. MRA instructions for PROs now state that this race circle is to be inside Halfway Rock, as shown on MRA Racing Chart. This should shorten the time needed to reach the starting area for boats racing on that line. One other line change was returning the J24 fleet to the Tinkers Line.

The other topic that the committee reviewed was the start time, after receiving a request for a later first gun. While the MRA committee sees merit in a later start time, in the absence of agreement across all the fleets on the Midway Line it will remain at 12.30pm. This is also consistent with the Tinkers Line which was brought to 12.30pm last year. The MRA will continue to review the start times in order to promote participation and enhance the experience of the racers and race committees.

Marblehead remains one of the few harbors where one design racing for multiple fleets occurs on a full season basis. I thank both the racers and the race committees for their participation and wish you all good and safe sailing for 2013. 

Hugh Greville

MRA Chair 2013