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Memorial Day Regatta - Comments from one of the competitors (Thanks Jud/Cindy)
Posted On: May 28, 2013

I'd like to formally recognize Eastern YC RC PRO, Susie Schneider, assisted by Nancy Glover and Jack Cochran, whom ran 4 short course informal races on Sunday Afternoon for the Etchells, J70 and Sonars in the cold and blustery North west wind conditions.  

The races didn't count for spring series but they were great practice with dinghy starts from the EYC inflatable.  They did a fantastic job of communicating with the fleet over the VHF 78 on courses, start sequence and  intensions so the fleet  understood clearly the practice.  The practice races were held inside Marblehead bell between Cat island and harbor entrance.

Everyone really enjoyed  the practice session that was much like the successful laser racing they have been running in the spring and Fall. Well done Susie, Nancy and Jack in the very cold, puffy and challenging conditions.

Thanks  Jud & Cindy Smith

J70 /179

[Editor's note: Thanks also go out to Dana Woodward, Norris Strawbridge and Richard Sides for their help with setting marks and manning the safety boat!]