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MRA Members - Looking for a crew? Also - Race Week Registration is now open!
Posted On: June 10, 2014

MRA Members:

Every once in a while, everyone needs a crew at the last minute!  The MRA website has a fantastic list of crew that are dying to get out on the water.  Use our Crew Finder when you need someone to sail with.  On Crew Finder, you'll find a list of high performance dingy sailors, big boat racers and everyone in-between, asking to sail on J70s, Rhodes 19s, Vipers, Etchells and more. 

Also,  Race Week Registration is now open.  Your MRA membership includes the registration fee for Marblehead Race Week. However, a separate registration form (at no additional fee) will be required of racers that wish to compete in the Sperry Top-Sider NOOD Race Week Regatta. This form is available via the Sailing World - NOOD website prior to the regatta.  Also available are the NORs, current registrations and crew waiver forms.  

No excuses - you have easy access to a crew and, as an MRA member, you have a ticket to Race Week.  Get registered and get ready!  

- The Marblehead Racing Association -