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125th Race Week - Third Video: The Early Days of Race Week
Posted On: July 20, 2014

MRA Members

As we build up to Race Week, here is the third in a series of videos - welcome to the early days of Marblehead Race Week where spectators flooded boats, classics yachts filled local waters and start cannons fired from Corinthian. Although designs and race areas have changed since those early days, the excitement, competitiveness and pure enjoyment of small boat yacht racing still remain. Enjoy this snapshot of Marblehead Race Week throughout the century.

Also,  if you have not done so, you need to register for Race Week.  Your MRA membership includes the registration fee for Marblehead Race Week. However, a separate registration form (at no additional fee) will be required of racers that wish to compete in the Sperry Top-Sider NOOD Race Week Regatta. This form is available via the Sailing World - NOOD website prior to the regatta.   

Important NOOD Race Week links:

Here is a direct link to the latest video - it's worth watching! http://www.mheadrace.org/uploaded_files/the_fleets-mobile_NzmbeR.mp4  

More videos are coming - we'll be sharing them as we build up to the event!


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