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Last Pursuit Race of the Season! Sunday, Oct 11th
Posted On: October 2, 2015

MRA Members:

It is not over yet! Please join your fellow racers in a fun way to end the season.

The Eastern YC Pot Luck race was scheduled to begin at 13:30 but the Patriots game begins at 16:25 so we moved up the starting time to noon. This way we can be done & put our boats away in time to watch the game against the Dallas Cowboys.

The race will start just outside Marblehead Harbor and use Government Marks. Your start time & course info will be emailed to you. Two freebies are in place – free registration & free food post-race.

Registration is real simple. Go to the web site www.easternyc.org  and click on ‘Pot Luck Pursuit Race’ on the left side of the page. This will take you directly to a registration page.

You are welcome to stay after the awards to watch the game in our Sailing Center.


- The Marblehead Racing Association -