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Dave Dellenbaugh Seminar - May 5th
March 4, 2019

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Dave Dellenbaugh Seminar - May 5th

Mark your calendars for May 5th. Dave Dellenbaugh will be speaking at Tabor Academy in Marion, MA. As Dave says: ‘You can't always win the race, but you can always learn something that will give you a better chance of winning the next race.' This seminar will be full of race-winning tips, tricks and wisdom, much of which comes from nearly 25 years of Dave's Speed and Smarts newsletters. The morning (starting tactics) and afternoon (upwind tactics) seminars are each about three hours long, including coffee breaks and time for lunch in Tabor's beautiful dining hall. The presentation features diagrams, videos, photos and other techniques for sharing strategic and tactical tips, many of them taken from the Speed & Smarts newsletter library. Seminar registrants will receive a 32-page workbook for each of the seminars, both of which will focus on how to handle common racing situations. Coffee and registration begin at 0830. The seminar will conclude at 1630.

You can register on Regatta Network here