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2020 Marblehead Racing Association Season Update #4
June 3, 2020

Dear MRA Members,

A few classes are wondering what this summer's sailboat racing will look like given the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. The published MRA racing schedule posted in March is constantly changing in line with the changing government regulations

The MRA, working with the yacht clubs and the sailboat classes, is evaluating alternative ways we can enjoy sailing and sailboat racing, understanding the need for social distancing and doing so within the existing government regulations. Here is what we know today:

  1. Existing – No Racing is allowed
    1. Phase 1 indicated that 'Organized events, on or off the water, are not permitted'. Phase 1 will last, at a minimum, until June 8th.
    2. Phase 2 limitations are not clear with respect to sailboat racing which may be known by June 9th
  2. Limited Racing – Depends on Restrictions in Phase 2 and 3
    1. MRA has established a 'Working Group' to determine options for sailboat racing under whatever restrictions exist
    2. Marblehead Race Week/NOOD'S has not been cancelled or postponed at this time. Whether the MRA / CYC can host the NOOD Regatta will not be determined until July 1st at the earliest.
    3. Marblehead Junior Race Week is still being worked on by the Event Chair from the Pleon Yacht Club and has not been cancelled or postponed at this time
  3. MRA Racing as Scheduled
    1. Phase 4 would allow racing as scheduled and could begin on 7/20 at the earliest
    2. Since many events have already been cancelled, the schedule will be amended based on updated information. Many of the cancelled items have been identified in the schedule on the web site.

The MRA is in contact with Marblehead Board of Health and the Harbormaster to both ensure that we are following State requirements as well as to be a resource for them in regard to the sport of sailing and what is occurring in other states.

In summary, there is an outside chance we will be able to race, with restrictions, as early as Phase 2, which could start as early as June 8. But it is also as likely that out of an abundance of caution, organized events like racing may not be permitted until Phase 3, which at the earliest begins June 29.

There will be further updates once the MRA has more information on what is possible. Stay well and stay safe. We look forward to seeing everyone on the water soon.


Mark E. Toso
Chairman, Marblehead Racing Association