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Race Committee Wrap June 25, 2011 - Tinkers Line
Posted On: June 27, 2011

Race Committee June 25, 2011 - Tinkers Line

Pre-race there was very heavy rain with winds of 15k. By the time the RC boats left the dock the skies had cleared and remained clear and cloudy for the entire day. Winds for the first race were in the 8 - 10k range so we went with a beat of 0.8 nm using a "C" configuration. By the second race winds had dropped so we shortened the course to 0.65 nm. Winds came up to 7 - 9k in the last race but we kept it short so we could again do a "C" course.

The interesting part of the day was the wind direction. Our first race had a beat at 25-degrees. During the race it moved to 15- degrees then swung over to 40-degrees. The second race we set a course of 90- degrees and the wind continued to move all around. By the time we got to the third race the wind had finally settled in at 130-degrees. Obviously the mark boat was extremely busy continuously moving marks as we chased the wind. Likewise the pin boat was very busy moving & dragging marks to keep the start & finish lines square to the wind. Both the pin & mark boat did an outstanding job under these dynamic conditions.

Previously the Townies said they would not be out but we did expect the Vipers but they were 'no shows'. (NOTE:  Turns out it was their East Coast Championship.) We did get in 3 races, all using the "C" course for the Sonar's & Rhodes19's. It was a full day starting at noon and we raced almost continually until 4 PM. Over the winter, the fleets told us they wanted a 'full' day of racing and that is what we gave them."

See you on the water this weekend!

- The Marblehead Racing Association -