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Eastern Yacht Club Sailing Seminar Wednesday, February 8th
Posted On: January 25, 2012

Eastern Yacht Club Sailing Seminar Wednesday, February 8th

Tufts Sailing Coach Ken Legler on "Strategy is Good; Tactics are Evil"

The Eastern Yacht Club's first sailing seminar of 2012 will be held on Wednesday, February 8, 7:30PM, at the Gerry 5, 210 Beacon Street, Marblehead.  The program will begin with "Strategy is Good; Tactics are Evil," a presentation featuring Tufts University Sailing Coach and marine photographer, Ken Legler.  Ken is a former All-American sailor, US Sailing Team Coach, and national champion in college dinghies, team racing, one-design, off-shore, and blind sailing as a sighted guide.  Ken has participated in sixteen world championships as a competitor, principal race officer, head judge, commentator, and US Sailing Team coach.

Ken's unique approach to strategy and tactics will take the audience around a race course with humorous case studies of situations in which many sailors get into trouble and accompanying diagrams of all the ways tactics can be avoided in favor of series-winning strategies.   Following the seminar, Ken will present a slide show called "World Sailing Tour."  The presentation begins in New Zealand with pictures from the 470 Worlds, Team Racing Worlds, America's Cup, and touring.  The show then travels through Europe, from the British Isles to Scandinavia and onward.  Finally, Ken will take you through the Caribbean and up the East Coast from Key West Race Week to the Miami OCR, Annapolis, Long Island Sound, and the sailing hotspots of New England.

RSVP to Dru Slattery at dru@harborsiderealty.com if you would like to attend this seminar.  The event is open to all at no charge but the number of participants will be limited.