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MRA 2019 Registration
April 8, 2019

Marblehead Racing Association - 2019 Registration

Please click here to complete registration by May 5th.

Dear MRA Members,

Your MRA and Fleet Representatives have been hard at work in the off-season to ensure that the 2019 MRA racing season provides competitive racing and sailing events for all fleets. The 2019 MRA schedule starts in early April and continues until late November. We continue to offer a vast array of competitive sailing events, including Team, Fleet, One Design, PHRF, ORRez, and Special Event racing. There is weekday and weekend racing. The Friday Night Pursuit Races will be back this year as will the NOOD Regatta at Marblehead Race Week and the Ted Hood Regatta, among others.

The 2019 MRA racing schedule and the 2019 Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions can be found on the MRA website,

It is now time for us to ask for your support through registration of your boat for the 2019 MRA season. Only your support can ensure our success. After keeping the MRA membership fees flat for two years, increased costs require us to raise them by $20. Still, with membership including entry for the 2019 NOOD Regatta at Marblehead Race Week, as well as 16 weeks of regular racing, the base rate of $345, before any club discount, is an amazing deal, and a lot of fabulous racing for the money.

The 2019 MRA Registration is now open. We ask that you register for the 2019 MRA season prior to May 5th to avoid late fees. This year, MRA is using Club Spot's membership/registration system for registration and scoring to accelerate the posting of results in a much cleaner, better for mobile devices format. Please click here to complete registration by May 5th. After May 5th, an $80 late fee applies. Remember to buy your pass before registering for each series, once purchasing the pass you will need to register for the Series as well as the Spring series if you are participating in that. The pass covers all MRA races!

While the MRA does everything to provide our members with an enjoyable format for competitive racing, your safety on-the-water remains our major concern. To aid in our efforts to ensure your safety we ask, once again, that at the beginning of each race day on your line, you check-in with the Race Committee Signal Boat and provide your sail number and the number of souls on board, this includes all on board (you and all your crew). This information is vital as it allows the Race Committee to ensure that all competitors on a boat can be accounted for should an emergency occur.

On behalf of the MRA I look forward to seeing you on the water and wish you and your crew all the best for the 2019 season.


Karen I. Tenenbaum
MRA – Chair
Cell: 617-548-9333